Hmm, rating how well a stock of food is able to supply ingredients to a recipe really boils down to comparing apples to oranges, or in my case: Given 1 pumpkin, is this sufficient for a recipe requiring 500g pumpkin? Or given 500ml of vinegar, can you prepare a dressing needing 2 tbsp. of it?

@F1rst_Unicorn tbsp is convertible to standard volume, but yeah things like "3 big tomatoes" is simply not comparible


@bfiedler I have been thinking about a conversion table for different units, but two follow-up problems arise: your units become a graph where convertible units are connected and I actually wanted to run the query in (not too complex) SQL. Also conversion might be food-specific, e.g. converting gramm to liter via a density.. It's probably not worth the effort compared to a simpler heuristic I'm yet to find

@F1rst_Unicorn conversions are an equivalence class, so your graph is well behaved at least

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