@bfiedler @kunsi Did you see the init7 25Gb/s announcement though 0.0

Soo yesterday I learned that recvfrom on a UDP socket will just silently drop bytes on the floor if your buffer isn't big enough. (modulo the MSG_PEEK flag). Cool.

Certainly makes it easier to implement 😈

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@F1rst_Unicorn hm - what constitutes as interspersed? Same dir? Or is smth like cargo ok where the source is separated out?

@bfiedler @reto Super zufrieden dass ich mein Amt an einen würdigen Nachfolger abgeben konnte - merci nochmals für die infra intro

@bfiedler I mean I would saz join the dark side we have cookies but it's a bit confusing w regard to this :D

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Some time ago @bae recommended trying light themes to me, and after there was another article about the benefit of light themes I'm curious to try it out. So here's to the light theme!

Will try this for a week and see how it goes - it is kind of refreshing to have a change of scenery at least.

Sooo it turns out that my MB runs its pci-e x1 slots in x4 and that my new wifi card doesn‘t like that. Only took me 2h to find out and find the random setting somewhere in the bios.
But it works now!🌈

@F1rst_Unicorn surely the way is to join a friend-hosted server with only people you know on it:)

On 2FA 

@bfiedler I don‘t mind enabling 2FA, but getting it forced down my throat like that does feel a bit shit

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The itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality continues to add a lot of great games. They have Celeste now, which is probably the best platformer of all time. Some other favorites of mine include They Bleed Pixels, Super Hexagon, A Short Hike, and Oxenfree. There's also heaps of tabletop games and asset packs for game devs. You need to pick this bundle up, it is the best deal in the history of gaming.


They've raised almost $5M now for BLM-related causes.

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I appreciated this video because he is articulate, insightful, and talks about how to improve the world in a more subtle way than you may have heard before.


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