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Recognizing what can't be done is as important as knowing what can be done.


Beat Hyper Light Drifter today and it was awesome!

It features a different kind of storytelling: no text, no spoken word but it still manages to convey a captivating tale in a post-apolaptic world.

I recommend a controller for best experience.

@sir have you played it?

Alle Hürden sind überwunden, der BfDI ist ab jetzt auch als Behörde auf Mastodon aktiv. Hier werden wir aktuelle Informationen und Stellungnahmen veröffentlichen. Und nein, wir sind hier nicht privat unterwegs 😉

Oh I'm sorry its $130 for the amendment, the original costs $361...

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Wait the IEEE 802.11 standards are not freely available?

They cost 130$ to access!?

The last few days really have not been kind to my motivation... Let's hope next week it'll be better!


Marc Uwe Kling gefallt das.

Wenn Euch Freunde sagen, sie möchten sich wegen Corona gerade nicht drinnen treffen, dann lautet die ideale Reaktion übrigens nicht: „Ach, komm schon...“ Das gibt dem anderen ein doofes Gefühl. Respektiert solche Entscheidungen einfach.

Danish grading scale 

The danish grading scale looks pretty funky 😀

I'm super proud of this years' VIScon organizers, dealing with Covid and still powering through to host an amazing event for us! If you're interested you can even follow the talks online:

: Support open source on a closed source platform!

no thank you

That moment when git-send-email dies on you in the middle of submitting patches and you have to manually scrape together the patches now... *sigh*

Turns out my card somehow commits suicide when switching to a high p state, which is quite a pain when trying to play graphically intensive games on Linux...

General assemblies are a very important entity. However >6h of nonstop discussing and voting is very taxing and I'm really looking forward to falling in my bed at any time now.

Probleme, die ich bisher unterschätzt habe.
Heute: Karamellisierter Martini auf der Herdplatte

Some time ago @bae recommended trying light themes to me, and after there was another article about the benefit of light themes I'm curious to try it out. So here's to the light theme!

Will try this for a week and see how it goes - it is kind of refreshing to have a change of scenery at least.

migadu seems to have scapped their unlimited storage policy. Granted in my opinion this move was unavoidable but it's still sad to see.

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