On 2FA 

@bae I asked the devs and their recommendation was to enable 2FA on all accounts.

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On 2FA 

New Mastodon feature: "When a user logs in after two weeks of inactivity and has 2FA-disabled he must enter a code sent to his E-Mail address."

I've got two issues with this: First, if an account has 2FA disabled you force 2FA regardless? If I wanted 2FA I'd enable 2FA. That is _my_ problem, not Mastodon's.

Second, this instance cannot send mails, because I'm very careful with live mail credentials, since the abuse potential is somewhat high. Why mails when I know all users personally?


Got that damn berry as well. The golden one shall remain untouched forever.

And we're on v3.1.5! πŸŽ‰ @bae

v3.2.0 has been out for four days, but I'll wait with the upgrade for another week to minimize the probability of running into unfound bugs.


At last 100% chapter clearance!

Chapter 9 was a beast, I beat it in a straight 7h sitting today. I'm physically drained from hyper focus but also really happy to have beaten such an amazing game.

@sir speedrun when?


@sir hard agree. However once I found out a cornerboost setup in the beginnining of the last screen it was bearable. Maybe even consistent enough for the golden strawberry.

v3.1.5 has been out for 18 days, seems like it's stable enough to upgrade. Prepare for some (<=10min) of downtime sometime tomorrow @bae :)


Completed chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7 today, now my finger hurts from holding climb pressed the entire time.

Was super fun though, and I look forward to getting all strawberries!

@bae we're back! πŸŽ‰ Upstream took longer than expected but now we should be back. Intermittent connection loss can still occur while we tinker with some BGP-related stuff, be warned!

Now Phosh 0.4.1 on postmarketOS, it keeps getting better every release :)

Expect intermittent outages tomorrow because of upstream maintenance work. @bae

Finding bugs in exams from 2015 really inspires my confidence in the one I'm taking tomorrow...

"Increasing". The word you're looking for is "increasing".

I'm happy to announce that aerc 0.3.0 is now available on Debian unstable! πŸŽ‰

I'm still ironing out some issues which prevent it from hitting testing, and there is a bit more work to be done for 0.4, but it should be available in a few weeks latest.

cc @sir

Seit neustem kann man sich bei der Postbank im Online Banking mit nur dem zweiten Faktor anmelden. (Wohlgemerkt mit nur nicht nur mit).


From the Jepsen report for MongoDB 4.2.6: "It’s even possible for a single transaction to observe its own future effects."

That sounds like it should never ever be happening.


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