Alright, here's my book* thread for 2021 – starting early this time, so I hopefully won't abandon it due to ETOOMANYBOOKS like last year's. Be warned that January is traditionally filled with fanfics and re-reads.

All tagged with #rixxReads for your muting convenience.

* books, papers, fanfics, etc etc

1/ The Arithmancer (Arithmancer, #1) by White Squirrel. Decent Harry Potter fanfic whith Hermione as math genius. Rat adjacent but nowhere near the mess that is HPMOR. Imagine having actual characters *and* science, at the same time. #rixxReads

@rixx Very exciting to meet a fellow fan fiction connoiseur in the wild! I will follow your reading list with great interest.

@bfiedler You may be interested in all my rated fanfic (though I started taking notes late and didn't include nearly everything)

@rixx Ohhh yesss, thanks 😄

If you're looking for some more recommendations:

* Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin ( Ongoing series, WBWL, smart, Slytherin-Harry (though not HPMOR levels of smart). I love it to death, on my 5th+ reread

* Error of Soul ( unfinished, only 7 chapters but original take on soul bonds

* Patron (, enjoyed it a lot

* Browncoat, Green Eyes ( HPxFirefly crossover, IDK really not into crossovers but this is well-written

* Just a Random Tuesday ( short, fluffy, who doesn't love McG?

* The Sea King ( short, good, not much else to say

* Victoria Potter ( ongoing, what if Harry was a girl

Maybe I should also start something like this? 🤔

@bfiedler Ah, interesting! I remember Victoria Potter as being too generic for my taste. I have read Browncoat, and I have literally no memories of it, huh. Same for Prince of Slyherin (though I have read Better Be Slytherin several times, so I'm no stranger to the niche).

I like the beginning of the None Other series, before it became a wordy dragfest

@rixx will definitely check it out, thanks!

I know I started Better Be Slytherin at some time, but I also can't remember any specifics or why I dropped it. Oh well, now I got something to read before bedtime 😄

Also I just noticed Just a Random Tuesday is almost 60k words, that's not short at all 😅 Well it seems you are a fast reader so it shouldn't pose any problems.

@bfiedler I got through about 20% of Patron, but it doesn't seem to stop being a creepy 24/7 fantasy, so I think I'll stop with that one 😬


@rixx Hope I'm not overstepping with another recommendation:

* Grow Young with Me ( Epilogue-compliant, Harry/OC, pretty angsty. Both writing and OC are executed really well, even if it's not your cup of tea I'd give it a try. Ongoing, gets sporadic updates

@bfiedler Heh, thanks. Neither "ongoing" nor "epilogue-compliant" are really up my alley, so I'll skip this one

@bfiedler Apropos of The Futile Facade just updating: It's a good series. The first one is Pureblood Pretense:

@rixx So I went to bed today at 10 and wanted to “see if I would enjoy the first chapter of this” and 12 chapters later it’s safe to say I do.

Thanks a lot! And also damn you 😉

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