New keyboard :) 

Built my first 65% today, courtesy to a good friend of mine who let me solder at his place.

I intend using this as a daily driver to replace my Ergodox, which I always found awkward due to the slightly too small right side.


New keyboard :) 

@bfiedler: That's a Quefrency (, right? #mechanicalkeyboard

Love its modularity. It's being buildable from a 60% to a 75% (i.e. a 60% with either 0, 1, 2 or 3 extra columns), but I just can't type on split keyboards.

Regarding the SA #Godspeed keycap set: That's the first time I see Godspeed Ares (cursor keys) and Apollo (remainder) colorways mixed. Looks much better than I expected! Congrats on that nice build!

New keyboard :) 


Yes, exactly. Its the rev2 (rev3 was released a few days ago, it uses USB-C to connect halves rather than TRRS). You can even add two rotary encoders in the top left and top right, I’m still thinking about that (top left only works with the 75% left side).

My wrists hurt when typing on “standard” keyboards for an extended time, so I having the split option is super nice. It does fit snugly together though, I like that kind of flexibility (e.g. games which need your entire keyboard and a mouse).

I love the Godspeed SA set, and I was also surprised at how well it fits together. Thanks for the compliment 😊

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