i am searching for email client which support multiple email (imap+smtp) accounts at the same time, tried mutt and neomutt with no luck (failed to configure it for polling or even properly display multiple accounts, this should be possible, but non of found hints works)

also pgp support is a requirement.

dav would be good addition.

#linux #imap #smtp #mail #terminal #console

@sss yeah the initial mutt config process is bad, but afterwards it’s pretty smooth sailing IMO. Do you need a working config to follow? That’s what helped me get my foot in the door.

@Ben Fiedler i would like to see working mutt config example, yes.
i have ~10 accounts, it would be nice if they all  be monitored for new messages at same time, if this possible with mutt.
@bfiedler @sss you should switch to mbsync over offlineimap. The latter is python 2 and EOL
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