Pretty proud of this one, despite sinking unreasonable amounts of time into it. Lookatit 🌈

(My new desk will arrive today and is going to stand in front of it)

"Unreasonable amounts of time" here means sanding every surface at least three times, then applying oil/colour and repeating where necessary. The side parts in particular are, uhm, not an ideal shape for sanding and oiling.

A better look at the colours:

About six hours on the sides and eight hours on the shelves in terms of pure time working on it, plus getting them here, then getting the shelves to my grandparents' house and back again. (Sanding sixteen boards is much more comfortable outdoors and with tools than doing it by hand at home)

Aaaaand I'm done! Everything's working, both the PC and the laptop dock (both using the same peripherals). Cable management is tbd 🥴

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