New keyboard :) 

Built my first 65% today, courtesy to a good friend of mine who let me solder at his place.

I intend using this as a daily driver to replace my Ergodox, which I always found awkward due to the slightly too small right side.



Super schön, legt aber auch Zürich ganz schön lahm mit abgebrochenen Ästen und ausgefallenem ÖV (allerdings ist es nicht so, als bräuchte man den gerade 😄)

Die gehen so schnell weg, da lohnt es sich kaum sie einzupacken! 😸


Beat Hyper Light Drifter today and it was awesome!

It features a different kind of storytelling: no text, no spoken word but it still manages to convey a captivating tale in a post-apolaptic world.

I recommend a controller for best experience.

@sir have you played it?

Danish grading scale 

The danish grading scale looks pretty funky 😀

Repeat after me: A browser is for web-browsing, it is not a general purpose operating system.


Got that damn berry as well. The golden one shall remain untouched forever.


At last 100% chapter clearance!

Chapter 9 was a beast, I beat it in a straight 7h sitting today. I'm physically drained from hyper focus but also really happy to have beaten such an amazing game.

@sir speedrun when?


@sir hard agree. However once I found out a cornerboost setup in the beginnining of the last screen it was bearable. Maybe even consistent enough for the golden strawberry.


Completed chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7 today, now my finger hurts from holding climb pressed the entire time.

Was super fun though, and I look forward to getting all strawberries!

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