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Die gehen so schnell weg, da lohnt es sich kaum sie einzupacken! 😸


Beat Hyper Light Drifter today and it was awesome!

It features a different kind of storytelling: no text, no spoken word but it still manages to convey a captivating tale in a post-apolaptic world.

I recommend a controller for best experience.

@sir have you played it?

Danish grading scale 

The danish grading scale looks pretty funky 😀

Repeat after me: A browser is for web-browsing, it is not a general purpose operating system.


Got that damn berry as well. The golden one shall remain untouched forever.


At last 100% chapter clearance!

Chapter 9 was a beast, I beat it in a straight 7h sitting today. I'm physically drained from hyper focus but also really happy to have beaten such an amazing game.

@sir speedrun when?


@sir hard agree. However once I found out a cornerboost setup in the beginnining of the last screen it was bearable. Maybe even consistent enough for the golden strawberry.


Completed chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7 today, now my finger hurts from holding climb pressed the entire time.

Was super fun though, and I look forward to getting all strawberries!

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