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Paniertes, in Sojasoße eingelegtes Tofu.

Und ne Ecke der Champions Chess Tour 😄


Drei Mal dürft ihr raten, wer sich die größere geschnappt hat 😄

For the curious: This is the position. White to move and win material.

FEN: r3k2r/pp3p1p/4pp2/2qN4/8/8/PPP2bPP/R2QRK2 w kq - 2 16

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Continued working on my chess bot. It can solve simple tactics via a very simple piece-value based evaluation strategy.

Next up:

* Quiescence search: Solution to "what happens if the searching algorithm stops right before I am checkmated?"

* Time-based incremental search: Currently the depth must be given as an argument, and only one search is performed. Incremental search starts with depth 1, then goes to depth 2 with the information learned from the depth 1 search, and so on, until we are out of time.

Chess Candidates Tournament 2020/21 is getting exciting!

Giri maybe catching up to Nepo today?


Frühstücksquiche mit Kaffee und Baustellengeräuschen im Hintergrund.

Gut- VRUMMS KRACH* -en Appetit!

New keyboard :) 

Built my first 65% today, courtesy to a good friend of mine who let me solder at his place.

I intend using this as a daily driver to replace my Ergodox, which I always found awkward due to the slightly too small right side.



Super schön, legt aber auch Zürich ganz schön lahm mit abgebrochenen Ästen und ausgefallenem ÖV (allerdings ist es nicht so, als bräuchte man den gerade 😄)

Die gehen so schnell weg, da lohnt es sich kaum sie einzupacken! 😸


Beat Hyper Light Drifter today and it was awesome!

It features a different kind of storytelling: no text, no spoken word but it still manages to convey a captivating tale in a post-apolaptic world.

I recommend a controller for best experience.

@sir have you played it?

Danish grading scale 

The danish grading scale looks pretty funky 😀

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