Finding bugs in exams from 2015 really inspires my confidence in the one I'm taking tomorrow...

"Increasing". The word you're looking for is "increasing".

@x @sir Bad phrasing on my part: The source packages on Debian explictly include all original sources - the aports repository holds (mostly) only a URL and a hash, which isn't guaranteed to be available at any point in time.

@sir most people when GitHub has one of its regular unplanned outages.

@sir Debian offers a different packaging guarantee. You can always build a Debian package from source offline (if you acquire all of its dependencies), the same is not true for Alpine Linux.

I'm happy to announce that aerc 0.3.0 is now available on Debian unstable! 🎉

I'm still ironing out some issues which prevent it from hitting testing, and there is a bit more work to be done for 0.4, but it should be available in a few weeks latest.

cc @sir

@cadey Isn't this supposed to be one Go's greatest strengths? Forcing me to deal with errors when they occur rather than abstracting away makes for good error logging and easier debugging in my experience.

@sir Averages can be misleading, what's the 99th percentile?

Seit neustem kann man sich bei der Postbank im Online Banking mit nur dem zweiten Faktor anmelden. (Wohlgemerkt mit nur nicht nur mit).


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