@sss I've uploaded the templates I use, feel free to copy/find inspiration :)


@sss yeah the initial mutt config process is bad, but afterwards it’s pretty smooth sailing IMO. Do you need a working config to follow? That’s what helped me get my foot in the door.

It turns out three of these were unnecessary. It looks much better now 😄

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@reto Yeah I know... Sadly I couldn't think of a way to make it nicer without massive amounts of code duplication.

C doesn't have the right abstraction for the problem I'm trying to solve, but it's the only language because of $other_constraints

six layers deep in C macros and it finally works.

not sure whether to be happy or sad now.

Never thought that Skyward Sword Randomizers would be so fun to watch.

Laut meinem Monitoring waren wir 1h15m nicht erreichbar, falls iwo was gedroppt sein sollte.

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Hups, da ist uns doch grad die 20G disk vollgelaufen. Hab mich gefragt wann es so weit ist ^^

Jetzt ham' wir wieder 10G frei, da muss man Mal ™️ einen cronjob für schreiben.

@holocube @fribbledom yep, Reto also pointed that out. Although one could still allow single-line edits then, but I see the point. Or, alternatively, integrate edits to the first line when rewording. But then it’s probably better the way it is now, and I’m chasing a pipe dream.

@reto @fribbledom Ah I hadn't thought of that. Yeah in that case it makes sense that it doesn't work. It still feels like it should work for one-line messages to me -- it's a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation...

@fribbledom what i'm not really clear on is why git interactive rebasing doesn't allow implicit renaming by renaming the commits on the overview. Sure, for large edits I might want to view the changes again, but fixing typos or similar would be much easier that way.

@oiyouyeahyou @fribbledom I've tried accessing that link multiple times now, however nothing shows up, devtools show some 403s. Can you lift the mystery?

@fribbledom what keycode does this send? Or is it two keycodes?

Very cool find 😄


> Der Betrachter darf insbesondere nicht (und darf nicht gestatten, dass Dritte dies tun) mittelbar oder unmittelbar: (a) den Quellcode anderweitig vervielfältigen oder verarbeiten; (b) den Quellcode teilen oder öffentlich wiedergeben; (c) den Quellcode auf ein öffentliches oder verteiltes Netzwerk kopieren; (d) den Quellcode modifizieren, anpassen, übersetzen oder abgeleitete Werke erstellen, die auf dem Quellcode basieren; oder (e) den Quellcode in sonstiger Weise kommerziell oder nicht-kommerziell nutzen.



@F1rst_Unicorn ich werd’ später auch sicher nicht an meiner MA weiterarbeiten, nein nein :D

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