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Go's `pprof -web` opens in Chromium instead of my default browser, Firefox, but why? Somehow they don't use xdg-open.

Well it turns out they do, but they hardcode a preference list of browsers _before that_ in order to guarantee that their js-laden SVG renders correctly (otherwise xdg-open might use a dedicated SVG editor). And that same code generates the preference list when opening in all browsers, which (of course) lists all of Google's browsers first and `xdg-open` last.

Setting the BROWSER environment variable fixes this behaviour. But it feels a bit funny, especially since they already depend on correct loading of an js-loaded SVG. Why not simply generate a pair of <html> tags around said SVG if you want a browser to open it anyway?


Let's try this again.

Welcome @quarub, our fifth member! 🎉

Serverabschaltparty bei $ehemaligerArbeitgeber, Jubel und Freude im Zoom call. Endlich nur noch supportete OSes! 🎉

Supporter Tickets acquired 🎉

Danke liebes @CCC Team für eure harte Arbeit, freue mich auf die nachweihnachtliche Zeit! ❤️

chpol, corona 

Supermarktöffnungszeiten zu reduzieren ist echt ne tolle Idee um der Entzerrung der rush hours entgegenzuwirken. Einmal mit Profis arbeiten...

We’ll launch an additional ticket contingent. What do you need a #rC3 ticket for? Wozu braucht man die Tickets?

I don't understand Zoom's auto-mute function. The whole call loves to be blasted by random noise whenever a new person joins in.

Do What I Mean gone wrong:

Please do not wrap my selection in backticks when I want to overwrite the selection with a backtick, GitLab. Behave like _all_ other text editors do, and replace it with a single backtick.

Schlüssel übernacht von außen an der Tür stecken gelassen, aber zum Glück noch da...

Day 3: Ben talks about "Composition in Trick-Taking Card Games" 🎅 🎄 #Haskell

Just wrote some SGX code for a uni project. Never gonna touch that with a 10-foot pole again in my life.

Neues Urteil am Landgericht bestätigt Datenschutz:
⚖️ kein Tracking für Analyse- und Marketingzwecke ohne Einwilligung
⚖️ keine Vorauswahl (Opt-Out) erlaubt
⚖️ Abwahl-Button muss als solcher gleichwertig erkennbar sein (!)
⚖️ Bei Verwendung von Google Analytics ist über die gemeinsame Verantwortung nach Art. 26 DSGVO zu informieren
⚖️ Bei Übertragungen in Drittländer wie USA müssen Infos zum Rechtfertigungsgrund bereitgestellt werden.



Was soll eigentlich dieses dark pattern auf _jeder_ Seite, dass den "alle Cookies akzeptieren" Button stark hervorhebt und den "meine Auswahl annehmen" Button nahezu ausgraut?

There's a new "experimental feature" being tested in Firefox 83: sponsored sites in the URL bar.

"Mozilla works with advertising partners to place sponsored tiles on the Firefox home page (or New Tab) that would be useful to Firefox users. Mozilla is paid when users click on sponsored tiles."

You can disable this by setting `browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.showSponsoredTopSites` to `false`.

Found via


I’m told that many Germans are stockpiling cheese and sausages in anticipation of a COVID lockdown — planning, in other words, for a Wurst-Käse scenario

A bit less than 2 weeks until "Advent of #Haskell" kicks off. We still need more contributions to fill up every last day for the calendar. Help spreading some fun to fellow Haskellers over the holidays, send your submission to 🎅

Wer nannte es die Karte des Herumtreibers, und nicht Internat Explorer?

You’ve heard of serverless cloud architecture :meowtired: :blobcatsleep:

Now, get ready for… 🥁🥁🥁

:blobcheerL: Cloudless server architecture :blobcheerR:

We’re offering features you thought you could only dream of:

Hardened database security: Databases don’t have to be exposed to the network thanks to the wonders of On-System Databases™ and Unix Sockets™, hardening security tenfold!
Latency-free database connections: As if that wasn’t good enough, On-System Databases™ allow you to dramatically reduce latency by bypassing the need for pesky network connections!
On-Demand Web Worker Process Spawning™ using the Common Gateway Interface™
Bare-Metal Access™ to On-Server Storage™ for unparalleled Read™ and Write™ speeds
Predictable costs: No more surprise bills. Pay only for what you specify! Our patent-pending Hardware Limitations™ automatically throttles your cloudless server if you reach capacity
Documentation: tired of trying to navigate through the jungle of outdated and incorrect Azure or AWS documentation? Don’t fret! Operating systems are documented by the most dedicated gangs of nerds you can find on freenode!

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