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Formalizing 100 Theorems:

Freek Wiedijk uses a rather arbitrary collection of 100 favorite theorems from some 1999 web page as a benchmark set for the progress of automatic proof assistants. I'm sad that Pick's theorem has seen so little love.

Netflix just killed support for Firefox ESR. Can't imagine how many support tickets all the open source OSes will get because of this...

Everything should be back now, upgrade was a success :)

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TIL that disabling `networking.service` is not enough to stop Debian from using `/etc/netiwork/interfaces` to configure the network interfaces.

My ISP is upgrading their NICs on Saturday, so expect some downtime.

I've fixed the IPv4 connectivity issue, so let's hope that the previews come back eventually.

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Played Baba is You yesterday, and this game is incredible. Go check it out if you haven't already!

Huh, previews for some servers don't render correctly. It seems that IPv4 from this server to other servers is broken, but incoming IPv4 is fine. I'll have a deeper look at this in the evening.

OH: "[...] we just gotta reverse the polarity"

Am I in a Doctor Who episode?

… gebrochen ist nichts, ist wohl “nur” ein Bänderriss. Sechs Wochen keinen Sport :(

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… und Fuß umgeknackst. Hoffentlich ist es nur verstaucht

Alright, sorry everyone again for the intermittent downtime, we fixed a v4 peering issue. Now both routes are propagated properly.

This server is now IPv6-enabled! 🎉

I finally got around to fixing BGP peering with my upstream and we are now officially, 100% bona-fide dual-stacked. Users shouldn't notice this at all but it brings a smile to my face :)

Instability should be done for tonight, I'll do some more tinkering tomorrow evening.

I'm doing some more playing around with BGP and stuff this evening, so connection might be flaky.

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Sorry for the quick downtime, I finally switched this server's config management to 🎉

Fiddling around with tikz is both intensely frustrating and strangely satisfying at the same time

Fußball, Respekt 

Beim Spiel Frankreich-Schweiz wird sich viel mehr Respekt gezeigt, die Spiele; beider Mannschaften übergeben sich die Bälle normal und helfen sich gegenseitig hoch.

So find' ich das besser :)

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Das Informatik Departement der ETH hat einen Artikel über die erste European Girls' Olympiad in Informatics geschrieben. Die Woche war ein voller Erfolg 🎉

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