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Interesting attack found when TLS certificates are shared between multiple services:

Does anybody else get a quick popup of 20 notifications when opening masto? Any idea what could be causing this?

Happens both on FF and iOS when opening the web interface.


Paniertes, in Sojasoße eingelegtes Tofu.

Und ne Ecke der Champions Chess Tour 😄

Der Beweis selbst umfasst 91 Zeilen, wobei davon die loc der Hilfstheoreme nicht mitgerechnet sind.

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Zwei Tage gebraucht um zu beweisen, dass eine zehnzeilige while-Schleife genau das tut, was man erahnen würde.

What is up with IC-vendors and non-conforming devices?

I like Iceland's choreography, especially the pixel art!

Every package manager expands until it supports multiple concurrent versions of the same package. Those that cannot expand to support this usecase are replaces by ones that can.

We're running on 3.4.0 now 🎉

I'm getting tired of manually fixing the friggin' character limit after every update, when's it gonna be supported mastodon-wide? Gagron pls


Drei Mal dürft ihr raten, wer sich die größere geschnappt hat 😄

For the curious: This is the position. White to move and win material.

FEN: r3k2r/pp3p1p/4pp2/2qN4/8/8/PPP2bPP/R2QRK2 w kq - 2 16

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Continued working on my chess bot. It can solve simple tactics via a very simple piece-value based evaluation strategy.

Next up:

* Quiescence search: Solution to "what happens if the searching algorithm stops right before I am checkmated?"

* Time-based incremental search: Currently the depth must be given as an argument, and only one search is performed. Incremental search starts with depth 1, then goes to depth 2 with the information learned from the depth 1 search, and so on, until we are out of time.

@bae @F1rst_Unicorn Strom war wohl nie weg, bin mal gespannt ob sie vorhaben das heute über den Tag unangekündigt nachzuholen...

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